Ready to Boost your Business Value? Here are 17 Sources of Inspiration!

You wake up in the morning and get your caffeine fix to boost your energy, and you move throughout your busy day checking off action items and getting you work done. But maybe that’s not enough. Maybe you want to do a little more on this fine day to add more value to your business, or to society?

Well, look no further, because the United Nations has offered 17 sources of inspiration in their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).   They have thought exceptionally well about the world’s most pressing issues and how to make a valuable difference in the lives, communities and natural resources around the globe.  There is no doubt that one of these 17 goals for the world will inspire you. Pick one, or pick several, and think about how you can contribute to making a difference.

Whenever I think about solving problems, I try to think not just about the “what”, but also about the “why”. I’m currently on a teaching sabbatical mentoring international folks around the globe, helping them build business cases and solve business problems. The students naturally default to the task at hand, brainstorming ideas and plans to help their clients and businesses.  I try to break that default and challenge them to think about the “why”. These 17 SDGs provide a superb framework for aligning important goals for society with actionable next steps to solve problems for businesses.

So take a quick break in your day and look at these 17 sustainable development goals. Which of them are part of everyday action? Which can you contribute more to right away, and which ones inspire you to support them in the future? So tomorrow morning, along with your daily caffeine, take a moment to think about why you are doing what you do, and boost your value with some SDG mojo!